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Just registered for a homebuyer education workshop (HBEW)? Click below for your next steps to take.

Just attended a homebuyer education workshop (HBEW)? Click below to find out what to do next.

What's New?

D&E's Leaders joined Atlanta Habitat for Humanity at the Groundbreaking Announcement for their new Affordable Housing Community

"Browns Mill Village"

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Georgia & Alabama

D&E is located in East Point, Georgia, serving the entire states of Georgia and Alabama. Our philosophy is to develop people, empower communities, and change lives! We help families and individuals by providing tools to help secure economic stability.

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D&E Mississippi

D&E is located in McComb, Mississippi, and is the only RURAL Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center in the Country. At this D&E Center, we help families actualize and achieve The American Dream of Homeownership and more.


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"Where To Find Free Access To A Credit Score" from Consumer Financial Credit Bureau

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testimonials & success stories

what people ARE sayING

“THE FORECLOSURE HAS BEEN POSTPONED AS OF TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told that my lender postpones the foreclosure for 2 months which gives me/them more than enough time for the loan modification process!!!!! It came down to the very last day, but I never lost faith and never doubted that God would see me through! I want to THANK YOU with my ENTIRE heart for advocating for me and standing by my side throughout this process....I thank God for you because you have truly been a blessing!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!” 

— Mr. Williams, D&E Client

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