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P1 - Prepare

Housing is rarely affordable for families, especially for low to moderate-income families. A major challenge for many potential homeowners is the ability to accumulate enough savings for the down payment and closing costs; the ability to save enough funds may seem overwhelming. Most of these families feel that home ownership is an unattainable goal.

D&E has designed the following types of housing education, to help transform the mindsets of these individuals and assist them in believing that they can become a part of the “American Dream” of Homeownership!

Homebuyer's Club

The Homebuyer’s Club was created to assist prospective homebuyers with credit and financial challenges prepare for homeownership.  This club was designed to guarantee that prospective homebuyers facing these challenges would become familiar with the homebuying process over 6 to 18 months. 

D&E aides prospective homebuyers in achieving the “American Dream of Homeownership” with sessions that include:


  •       Instruction from housing counselors

  •       Advice from industry professionals

  •       Tools to manage finances

  •       Acquiring skills to establish budgets

  •       Educational information to improve credit score

Credit Counseling and the 700 Club

At D&E we are committed to assisting you in improving your credit knowledge and health.  Through our educational approach to Credit Counseling, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the credit fundamentals.  Additionally, in these 3 sessions, we will instruct you on how to obtain, correct, and maintain a good credit profile.  Upon completion of Credit Counseling, you will be equipped with the tools to rebuild and maintain a positive credit profile for life.

(3) 1-on-1 Counseling Sessions to include:


  • Comprehensive Credit and Financial Assessment

  • How to Read and Understand Your Credit Report

  • What Goes into Credit Scoring and Credit Profiles

  • Financial Planning and Goal Setting

  • Credit Laws and Consumer Rights

  • Debt Settlement: How to Negotiate and Manage Debt

  • Resource & Educational Materials

  • Credit Worksheets and Handouts

  • Credit Bureau Correspondence Letters

To apply, call us at 770-961-6900

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