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¡Terminó el taller de educación para compradores de vivienda! ¡Estás un paso más cerca de lograr tus objetivos! Estos son los próximos pasos a seguir.

Paso 1

Horario 1 a 1 con un consejero

After attending the Homebuyer Education Workshop, we will send you an Intake Packet to the email that you used to sign up.

Paso 2

Complete una sesión 1 a 1 con un consejero certificado por HUD

The Intake Packet needs to be completed and sent back to us so we can process you in the system. The packet is also necessary for you to continue the process.

Paso 3

Recibir certificado de finalización

A counselor will contact you within three business days of you submitting the Intake Packet. They will schedule an appointment for you to meet. If no one has contacted you within this time frame, contact us here.

Paso 4

Solicitar asistencia para el pago inicial

This counseling session should take no longer than 2 hours. After completing your counseling session, you can receive your certificate of completion.

Paso 5

Cuestionario de salida completo sobre el proceso

The certificate of completion will be sent to you after you have completed your counseling session.

Paso 6

Seguimiento con D&E

Háganos saber cómo está progresando en su proceso de compra de vivienda. Siempre estamos felices de saber de usted. 

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