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P3 - Protect

D&E provides the following programs to assist individuals and families in protecting their home investments

Post Purchase Education

D&E’s Post-Purchase Education Programs include a series of formal classes, designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to successfully maintain their homes/finances after the purchase. 


The classes provide general information such as home maintenance & owner responsibilities; budgeting & debt management; maintaining & restoring credit, re-financing & avoiding predatory lending; and foreclosure prevention.


D&E will work with you to determine refinance options that will benefit your specific needs.  We will also provide you leads to lenders that offer affordable mortgage products at market rate. 

Retention & Foreclosure Prevention

Through this FREE service, D&E helps to restore dignity back to families who are facing foreclosure; we make it our pledge to not judge and do all we can to help families keep their homes.  We have a team of dedicated foreclosure professionals who work one on one with individuals and families to serve as their advocates and voice.

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