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About Us:

D&E, A Housing & Economic Empowerment Center, Inc. a HUD Approved Counseling Agency, operational since January 2000 and have been a Freddie Mac Help Center since 2011. 


Our goal since the organization’s inception, has been to address the housing and credit needs of local communities through outreach and education; an undertaking that will positively impact the economic condition. D&E’s commitment to building personal relationships with clients is established on a foundation of respect, trust and communication. We work alongside our clients as they navigate their way from hopeful home buyers through to Post Purchase Education, helping them to achieve and sustain their dream of homeownership.

Our Pledge:
D&E, together with a team of banking and training professionals, strive to transform mindsets, restore dignity and hope across underserved neighborhoods. D&E provides comprehensive services that develop people, empower communities and change lives through outreach and education.
These efforts combine with partnering Lenders and other organizations effect change in Housing, Banking, Workforce Development, Youth Empowerment, Senior Outreach and Veteran programs and services in both English and Spanish speaking communities in the Southeast. As a non-profit organization we will support and personify Wells Fargo’s mission to create affordable and sustainable housing and investing in neighborhood revitalization efforts to build stronger communities. 

Our Initiatives:

Through diligent investigation D&E has observed the following prevailing beliefs that exist in the minds of many hopeful homeowners. Some hurdles may include: 

  1. The belief that enough savings for down payment and closing costs can never be accumulated and, 

  2. The nature of the homebuying process is too overwhelming. 

It is our charge to provide service and resources along the path to achieving the “American Dream” of homeownership! To meet this mission D&E has designed the following types of sustainable housing education programs, intended to help transform the mindsets individuals who have believed that owning a home is an unattainable goal.

Our Impacts:

The D&E Mission Develops & Empowers underserved populations, through sustainable housing programs, services, training and resources that activate greater engagement in the economic and societal mainstream.

  • D&E has assisted over 17,500 first time home buyers with achieving homeownership. 

  • Transitioned over 1,900 “unbanked” consumers to “bankable” checking account holders.  

  • Counseled over 12,000 in mortgage delinquency with and 80% success rate.  

  • Converted 80% of “Welfare to Workforce” training recipients to gainful employment.

Our Pledge
Our Initiatives
About Us
Our Impacts
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