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CLEARPATH™ is a professional development program for teachers and aspiring teachers in Mississippi. The program provides assistance to candidates in meeting their licensure requirements as set by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).   

CLEARPATH™ participants receive individualized and cohort-based guidance from dedicated facilitators regarding MDE teacher licensure pathways. This includes the revised licensure requirements that were put into place in response to the COVID-19 crisis.    

The program is provided at no cost to participants by its main sponsor - The D&E Group, a HUD-approved housing counseling agency located in McComb, MS.  

Please complete the form below to get started.

A program representative will contact you with further information.


Form Instructions:

* All fields must be completed

* If a field does not apply to you, please place N/A in the box

* Uploading transcripts is optional at this stage but will result in faster service


Note: You will need PDF copies of ALL completed college coursework

Thank you for your interest

CLEARPATH Candidate Information Form

Please complete all fields.


If a field does not apply to you please enter N/A in the field.


A program representative will respond with more information. 

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