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How to Become Bankable - Consumer Financial Fitness.

D&E provides low-cost banking services through the delivery of a comprehensive program that spurs community and economic development by providing communities with "education you can bank on." The programs detailed are designed exclusively for and customized to meet the financial needs of the consumers, while meeting the goals and complying with the product guidelines of the bank. The programs are Financial Fitness, How to Become Bankable, and Get Checking™ - designed to merge niche with traditional banking by banking the "unbanked" and allowing them access to a low-cost checking account through financial institutions and/or credit unions.

Financial Fitness

A course that educates consumers on the steps in financial planning, saving, and credit to develop knowledgeable consumers who can make wise financial decisions based on their income, expenses, credit, and savings.


At D&E we are committed to assisting you in improving your credit knowledge and health.  Through our educational approach to Credit Counseling, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the credit fundamentals.  Additionally, in these 3 sessions, we will instruct you on how to obtain, correct, and maintain a good credit profile.  Upon completion of Credit Counseling, you will be equipped with the tools to rebuild and maintain a positive credit profile for life.

How to Become Bankable

A six-hour program intended to bridge to gap between the bank and its communities. The program teaches the mechanics of banking, banking management, and basic financial services offered by banks. Additionally, D&E stresses that banks are a safe place to put their money, an effective way to pay bills, and a source of loans for major purchases. The primary objective of this program is to bring consumers back to mainstream banking and away from non-traditional companies, i.e. check cashing facilities.

To apply, give us a call at 770-691-6900

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