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Senior Enrichment Program


D&E has programs and services designed to educate, empower and improve the quality of life for the elderly population by socially integrating them back into society. Traditionally, this population has not received a great deal of support and is often trapped in restrictive living units and unable to gain access to their community’s resources including transportation, banking, leisure, etc.; however D&E is committed to this change by creating a barrier-free environment to learn and thrive in this sector.

Retention Mortgage Counseling

D&E provides counseling for reverse mortgage clients. A reverse mortgage is a certain type of loan that allows homeowners, age 62 or older to trade in a portion of their home’s equity for cash. This type of loan is against your home that you do not have to pay back for as long as you live there.

To apply, give us a call at 770-961-6900

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