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Holding Hands

Find help for these services 

Visit to find more resources in your area. offers an array of different support systems. A few of the different resources can be found below. Upon visiting the Website enter your zip code to find help near you!

Housing assistance

Home search tools

  • Includes multiple different organizations that help assist in finding a home

housing advice

  • Find advice on foreclosure

  • Find advice on homebuyer education

residential housing

  • Find help with long-term living situations including assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, and public housing 

  • Find safe housing 

  • Find help with short-term living situations including sober living and nursing homes

financial networks

  • Find organizations helping to pay for phone or internet coverage

  • Help for paying utilities

  • Housing vouchers

maintenance and repairs

  • Find help on efficiency upgrades

  • Find help on health and safety 

Temporary shelter

  • Help for finding temporary housing

Financial Resources 

Financial Assistance

  • Find multiple different financial assistance including money for food, childcare, housing, gas, school 

Financial education

  • Become financially educated by finding counseling on credit and foreclosure

  • Find homebuyer education courses

  • Learn how to save by attending a savings program

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